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May 2018

May 2018

Deadline for Entering Projected Images for May Club Competition (11:29 PM PDT)
Projected Image Entry Deadline is 11:30pm. delete
Competition: Color, Monochrome, Photojournalism (7:30 PM PDT)
Judge: Chris Cassell  Refreshments: Rick Tavan, Betty Toepfer, Rick Varley delete
Program: Scott Dubose speaks about using drone photography (7:30 PM PDT)
Scott Dubose speaks about using drone photography for real estate and other venues. Scott DeBose will be or speaker at the May 21st. meeting. Scott is a superb photographer specializing in real estate and architecture photography.  Scott will be sharing with us the many aspects of Drone Photography. After graduating with an electrical engineering degree from Clemson University, Scott spent about 25 years as a product marketing manager for semiconductor and telecom companies and made the transition to photography full time in 2009.  He shoots close to 1000 homes per year, ranging from fixer uppers to $35M homes... typically from Gilroy to Atherton, driving about 25k miles per year.  Scott shoots interiors and exteriors of the homes with his cameras, an art unto itself,  plus aerial photos of the properties using his drone. Scott has been flying drones for about three years, primarily for business. Subjects Scott will cover range from: - features of the drone (speed, autopilot moves, obstacle avoidance, camera gimbal) - Sizes and capabilities and uses (commercial vs recreation) - camera capabilities (resolution, ISO, aperture, focus) - stills vs video - drone, quadcopters, UAV - FAA registration (Part 107 certification required for commercial use) - challenges - manual flying vs auto/GPS - processing photos and video Scott's website is:  http://www.scottdphotos.com delete
Deadline for Entering Projected Images for June Club Competition (11:29 PM PDT)
Projected Image Entry Deadline is 11:30pm. delete

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