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Competition: Color, Monochrome, Nature (7:30 PM PDT)
Judge: Hal Geren  Refreshments: Rita Lane-Smith, Ling-Kuo Lee
Program: Brown Bears of Alaska (7:30 PM PDT)
Brown Bears in Alaska presented by Joan Sparks Join wild life photographer, Joan Sparks, on an adventure to see the beauty of Cooks Inlet in Alaska and be prepared to be in awe of the brown bears inhabiting that local.  Learn of four active volcanoes in the "Ring of Fire", common brown bear behavior; see adorable three month old cubs, salmon frenzies, puffin and glorious sun rises.  You'll be astounded seeing the bears up close but in the safety and comfort of your chair.  Joan will cover the equipment and logistics required for the taking these stunning photos.
Deadline for Entering Projected Images for August Club Competition (11:29 PM PDT)
Projected Image Entry Deadline is 11:30pm.

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