November 18 Member Program Night

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Members of the club will share photographic materials of their personal interest with club members.  each member will have 10 minutes.  The entire program night is expected to last 90 minutes.


Here is the line-up:

Airdrie Kincaid

Title:  More Lighthouses and Lenses
Last year my show was California Lighthouses. I now have visited or viewed one third of all the lighthouses in the United States. I’ll show a selection of the lighthouses and Fresnel lenses in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada that I visited in 2019.


Lawrence Shapiro

Title:  Unintended Consequences
Abstract B&W images taken on the streets of the Silicon Valley


Alan Feinberg

Title:  Discover Lost Gatos
A multi-media, smartphone app which features three short self-guided walking tours of different parts of historic downtown Los Gatos. There’s an interactive map to guide users from one location to another, an entertaining audio track with narration about the fascinating but mostly forgotten people and events that have shaped the town, and over 100 restored vintage photos of historic sites. 


Michael Schneider

Title:  Mountain Gorillas of Uganda - up close in their natural environment
Pictures and video clips of these magnificent animals who exhibit many human-like behaviors but whose survival is threatened by shrinking habitat, poachers, and war. Makes one weep.

Check out this link..


Jeffrey Balfus

Title:  Favorite photos from Flickr
A random collection of top photos on social media


Mercury Freedom

Title:  The Big Gulp
Drama of the food chain.


Ken Bloomfield

Title:  The Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan


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